Friday, December 23, 2016

Sugar Cookie Show-and-Tell: Trim the Tree and Dress the Snowman!

We kept it simple with the Christmas cookie offerings this year, colorful lit trees and happy snowmen.     The DecoBake kitchen is still going through a massive overhaul, so we didn't churn out our normal platters and favors and paint-your-owns and craziness, which felt right this year.  We said goodbye our sweet Dozer pup this Christmas, so Less was More. More time with the family, more time to trim the real tree and dress the real snowman.  More time to spend with the ones we Love.  Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sugar Cookie Show-and-Tell: TROLLS take-over!

I may have mentioned here before that Character cookies aren't the easiest to do - simply because kids are incredibly observant when it comes to their beloved friends...if Elmos face is wonky, or Cinderellas dress is the wrong color, they will LET YOU KNOW (in only the way kids know how - by shouting it at you)

So I'm usually hesitant to take on popular characters.  But when lovely J so sweetly asked if I could do Trolls for her 7th birthday, I couldn't say no (Im still pushing to welcome her into the family one day as a daughter-in-law).  I also had just seen the movie with my kids and LOVED it, the colors, the characters, the I was already sort of sketching designs in my head that would work.  Since the movie was so new, I didn't have any sample cookies to look to, which meant completely fresh ideas which is nerve-wracking and so fun all at the same time.  I love the way they turned out...but most importantly - J said they were "perfect", (wonky faces and all ;)