Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sugar Cookie Show-and-Tell: Shopkins, say what?

Me: So, what kind of cookies would your little girl like for her birthday party? Rainbows? Ponies?
8 yo's mom: she LOVES shopkins! 
Me: shopping? Cute! So maybe some bags and a credit card and....
8 yo's mom: no SHOPKINS! You know, tiny little plastic figurines that look like food and everyday items.  
Me: hmmm.  (And seriously thinking this is some random obscure toy that this one kid found on a trip to holland or something).  

Then I looked them up.  Um, did you all know about these crazy little toys? I've clearly been under a rock (or a large cookie) recently.  These things are taking the toy world by storm.  I swear some crazy old guy started this craze to make up for investing millions in beanie babies in the 90's.  But I digress. I needed to make shopkins cookies for a sweet 8 yo. Cookie somebody, tickety-tock and something called a Gemma Stone. She was happy, so I was too. 

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